Updated 2016 Alberta Construction Trade Definitions


Please click here for an updated version of the Alberta Construction Trade Definitions. 


The ACA and the ECA along with their Alberta local construction association partners are pleased to present a Trade Definitions Promotional Video video. This video complements the 2016 Trade Definitions, and offers further insight into the Definitions and their usage.


ACA Chairman Paul Verhesen and a number of others were interviewed for the video which explains the benefits of Trade Definitions. The hope is that the Trade Definitions will continue to be adopted by the Industry. Please view and share the video amongst your networks.

You may watch a Trade Definitions video by clicking here.





The 2016 edition of the Alberta Construction Trade Definitions are now available.  ACA thanks the Edmonton Construction Association for its leadership in updating and improving the Trade Definitions.  There have been numerous improvements. 


The 2016 edition also includes 3 new scopes:

-              Concrete Formwork

-              Concrete Finishing

-              Cold Rolled Steel Framing


ACA, its member local construction associations and the 3000 plus member firms endorse adoption of the 2016 ACA Trade Definitions as a best practice. All tender authorities and their design consultants, specification writers, and contractors and suppliers are encouraged to cite and utilize the 2016 ACA Trade Definitions for their projects.


Trade Definitions provide clarity to all construction project stakeholders as to the allocation of work to be bid and performed.  This clarity in turn reduces confusion, error, disputes, and litigation. 


The 2016 Trade Definitions represent a comprehensive update to reflect current technology and business practice, and are the consensus result of input from many industry volunteers. They are not a tendering system.  Trade Definitions are a guideline and the allocation of work amongst trades on any given project remains the responsibility of the tender authority and general contractor.


All member companies and trade associations may request changes to any or all trade definitions by providing their request in writing to the Alberta Construction Association or the Edmonton Construction Association, care of the Trade Definitions Committee, before January 1st of each year. The request must include the change, reason for the change and the effect on the other scopes. The Trade Definitions Committee will review and rule on all requests. Changes to the definitions will be finalized and published on March 1st each year. 

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For any further information, please contact: 

Shelley Andrea

Administrative Director

Alberta Construction Association

18004 - 107 Ave., Edmonton, AB  T5S 2J5

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