Member Relations Committee - Terms of Reference

The following terms of reference outlines why and how the committee is expected to function and how this fits in the overall work of the organization.


To assist with the recruitment of members to the organization to establish a viable organization (financially) and one that is reflective of the diversity of consulting architecture firms in Alberta.

To establish and maintain a customer service culture.
To guide the organization’s delivery of products and services to the membership. To ensure the alignment of products and services with the mission
To foster dialogue and engagement with the membership.
To develop data-driven strategies for effective decision-making.
To identify opportunities for meaningful involvement of the CAA’s membership.


The committee is accountable to the Board of Directors.

The committee will provide a written report to the Board for presentation at each board meeting.

On an annual basis, the committee will provide a written report to the membership.


Recruitment & Retention

  • Establish a strategy for recruitment of member firms.
  • Actively participate in the implementation of this strategy.Customer Service Culture
• Work with the Executive Director to establish strategies to assess and fulfill members’ needs and expectations.

Alignment of Products and Services with Mission

  • Maintain clear goals and have a disciplined process to evaluate how products and services remained aligned with the association’s mission and members’ needs.
  • Assist with assessment of products and services.
  • Establish priorities for implementation by staff.
  • Assist in the implementation of products and services such as events and programs.

Data-Driven Strategies

  • Determine what data needs to be collected for informed decision-making with a goal for meeting members’ needs.

  • Establish strategies for tracking members’ needs and issues as well as the wider environment, then incorporate the findings into strategic and operational planning program delivery.

    Dialogue & Engagement

  • Establish mechanisms to invite dialogue and engagement.

  • Add value to the organization by sharing relevant information throughout the


    CAA – with the membership as well as with board and committees.

  • Provide input to the organization’s annual communications plan.

  • As appropriate, assist with the delivery of the communications plan.


    Terms of reference review – on an annual basis, review these TOR and make recommendations for changes (if any) to the Board of Directors.

Committee composition

Committee Chair.
Executive Director as ex-officio member.

Plus 3 – 6 members – must be representatives of regular or charter member firms (in good standing) of the Consulting Architects of Alberta.

No specific skill set required, but a willingness to participate in an active manner is desired.

Connections with other architecture firms would be an asset for recruitment.

Chair selection
The Chair shall be selected by the committee members.
Term of office

One year.

For continuity purposes it will be desirable to have some members initially serve longer than one year in order to create overlapping vacancies (i.e. only a few positions coming up each year).

Frequency of meetings
As determined by the Chair.
Meetings may be in-person or via teleconference or videoconference.
Staff liaison
Executive Director
TOR approved
February 1, 2013
TOR review date

These terms of reference shall be reviewed on a biennial basis by the committee itself with any updates brought forward to the Board of Directors for confirmation as appropriate.

Due for re-approval or update: February 1, 2015