RFP/Contract Alert — Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions (BGIS)


Members should be aware of what are considered inappropriate, unfair, and unreasonable conditions in the RFP issued by BGIS for the selection of architecture and engineering firms for multiple source lists to be used in procuring services for projects in various cities across Canada. 

Ongoing discussion with BGIS has resulted in some positive changes to contractual conditions. However, there remain serious concerns. These contractual conditions may compromise an architect’s liability, an insurer’s ability to mount a defense in the event of a claim, and the architect’s compliance with provincial regulations.

There are numerous areas of concern in this RFP and related contracts forms that may impact both contractual and business risk. 

Architects should review the entire RFP carefully giving due consideration to the professional liability and business risks of the clauses it contains. Architects are advised to seek counsel from legal and insurance advisors in considering this opportunity.   


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