MCW Hemisphere Ltd.

Hemisphere has come a long way from the two-man operation it was in 1957. We’ve reached across both hemispheres of our planet. We’ve grown and adapted. We’ve embraced new technology and created engineering solutions to meet the needs of our time. But through it all, we’ve safeguarded the best from our past.


We provide innovative mechanical and electrical engineering design and services that respond to the challenges of today and interact with the changing world.  Our state-of-the-art mechanical and electrical engineering services transform buildings from four walls and empty shells to places where people can live, work and play in safety and comfort. Our cutting-edge technology and innovative designs provide heating and air conditioning, good air quality, serviceable plumbing, appropriate acoustics, proper lighting and reliable security, fire protection and safety systems – all the elements of a “liveable” interior environment


Our mechanical engineers, technologists, and specialists at Hemisphere Engineering have been providing excellence in design and contract administration services for over 55 years. From the smallest air handling units to the most complex air flow systems, we are dedicated to serving our clients and the community.  Our Mechanical Design division works collaboratively with the client, project stakeholders, and other disciplines and specialists to design mechanical systems that support and enhance the overall vision and requirements for each project.


Hemisphere Engineering’s Electrical Design provides a broad range of services from fire alarm verifications to power systems upgrades to the most complex security features of correctional facilities.  Our scope of services includes emergency power generation, power coordination studies, daylight modeling, energy audits, demand assessments, cable management, communications, equipment grounding, energy efficient and ergonomic lighting design, mission critical systems, power, security, structured cabling systems, and fire alarm system verification.


Our Commissioning group will provide an objective, independent opinion when troubleshooting areas within project delivery. Acting as an extra set of eyes and ears for the Owner, our team is dedicated to commissioning and we will quarterback the overall commissioning process. Commissioning services include investigating the basis of the original design, design reviews, design verification, specifications review, performance verification, peer review, quality assurance, systems testing.  We will be there to ensure your building works.

Another key component of the services we bring to our projects is sustainability, energy efficiency and green design.  Hemisphere has developed an integrated design approach using a highly specialized energy and sustainability group to collaborate with the HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing and Commissioning teams from the very outset of a project.  Demonstrated success of Hemisphere’s LEED and Sustainability team in LEED, Green Globes, Energy Auditing, Measurement & Verification and Energy Management places it ahead of the curve in the field of green industry for cost effective design solutions and betterment of the environment.


The Power Systems team’s dedicated and specialized expertise is focused on engineering services for large facility power systems, horizontal infrastructure and medium voltage site distribution.  Clients and projects include institutional and industrial facilities, utilities infrastructure, and commercial and residential developments.  Power Systems services include design of new facility primary service installations and upgrades, electric utility and commercial power system upgrades as well as underground power systems for residential and industrial servicing, aerial to underground conversions, roadway and urban/rural subdivision street lighting. Additionally, we provide power system modeling and analysis, and design of large emergency generation and uninterruptible power supply systems.


Our business is built on personal and professional integrity, and we never compromise our standards. We recognize that people are our most important resource. Our team members know each other well and draw on one another’s knowledge and expertise. That means our clients always get the best ideas and the best results. 


For more information, visit Hemisphere's website or call 780.452.1800 or 403.245.6446.




For more information, visit Hemisphere's website or call 780.452.1800 or 403.245.6446.