CAA … working on your behalf

The CAA continues to create greater awareness about the Consulting Architects of Alberta and the important role of its members.


Most recently was our meeting yesterday with the Honourable Brian Mason, Minister of Alberta Infrastructure. The meeting provided the opportunity to inform the Minister about our association and to update the Minister on our ongoing work with Alberta Infrastructure (AI) and the positive changes to procurement procedures and contract terms that the CAA and AI are working to put into place.


In addition, we reinforced how AI’s new procurement methods and contract terms, while not yet entirely acceptable to industry, are beginning to align with CAA’s mission for fairness in the way industry projects are procured, contracted, delivered and valued.  And finally, we agreed to be a key member of a provincial liaison team whose role it will be to be AI’s voice to our members and to industry and our members’ voice to AI and the government. It was a positive meeting and we look forward to continued discussions with the Minister and Alberta Infrastructure.

Posted September 15, 2015