Our Story

HOK is a global provider of planning, design and delivery solutions for the built environment.

We employ more than 1,800 professionals linked across a global network of 23 offices on three continents.

HOK creates exceptional environments that meet the world's most complex planning and design challenges. Powerful, aspirational ideas guide our solutions.

Our History

Since the firm's founding in 1955, HOK has developed into one of the world's largest, most diverse and respected design practices.

Industry surveys consistently rank HOK among the leading firms in numerous building types, specialties and regions, and we have earned many awards and honors for our projects, people and practice.

Our ability to connect across markets and disciplines in every part of the world allows us to see the "big picture" and, because we approach design from so many different perspectives, gives us an unparalleled ability to innovate. We collaborate with clients and colleagues to create wonderful spaces linking people and place. Our ideas emerge from the intersection of many active minds and imaginations.

Our Vision

We Create.

We Inspire.

We Connect.

We Care.

We care deeply about the human experience. Our people understand that HOK's work has a profound influence on the world. We use design to protect our natural environment and enrich lives.

Buildings should serve a higher purpose. We believe great architecture shapes the human experience, improves the quality of the built environment and helps conserve the earth's resources.

Our goal always is to cut through the complexity to make life easier and better for people.

Our work inspires people while shaping the future. HOK projects transcend their initial purposes to express timeless cultural, organizational and personal values.

Our Work


620 - 12 Avenue S.W., Suite 400
Calgary, AB T2R 0H5