Charter Membership


  • Higher level of financial investment
  • 2 year commitment to membership
  • Involvement in building the organization
  • That you will sign a charter document agreeing to a set of principles (code of ethics)


  • To participate at a leadership level in the formative stages of the organization
    • Invitation to attend all board meetings in the first two years
    • Copies of all board meeting minutes
  • To be a business leader in the province, furthering the profession of architecture
  • To be a founding member of the organization
    • There is a limited opportunity to become a founding member.
    • Once a founding member, always a founding member.
  • To be listed as a charter member on the website, annual report and other places as appropriate.
  • Links to your firm’s website from the CAA website
  • Reduced fees for attendance at special events
  • A framed charter certificate suitable for display


  • Status – to be seen as a leader in the industry – by both client groups and colleagues
  • Opportunity to ensure that as the organization develops its strategic direction the Consulting Architects of Alberta has fully considered the views that will benefit YOUR business.
  • Opportunity to contribute to the profession as a whole.