Vivian Manasc receives the Alberta Order of Excellence


Manasc Isaac Senior Principal, Vivian Manasc, will be officially inducted into the prestigious Alberta Order of Excellence (AOE) on October 19, 2017. This distinction is the highest honour that the Province of Alberta can bestow on a citizen, and recognizes the broad and significant impact Vivian's work has achieved provincially and nationally in the field of sustainable building and community design.

At Manasc Isaac, they integrate Vivian's continued legacy into their projects, their process, the quality of their buildings - and of course, their unique and progressive culture. 

“Every day in every way I see something that's hopeful. Wherever there is a glass that could possibly be half full, I've got it more than half full, at least by a drop. And so, I am endlessly optimistic. I always believe in the world of the possible.”

Vivian Manasc has been a force for architectural change since coming to Alberta 40 years ago. She is a champion of sustainable, adaptive design and strives to maintain the fundamental connection between communities and their buildings. Through her innovative architectural approach and sensitivity to Indigenous ways of knowing, she has spearheaded a new creative diversity in Canadian architecture.


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