CAA's Address

Please ensure you have the correct mailing address on file.

17225 - 102 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB Canada T5S 1J8  [the office of ACI Architects]
CAA continues to run a virtual office, with the Executive Director and her assistant working “on the fly” through committee meetings, industry events, board meetings and more.  The CAA office is located wherever their laptops and cell phones are at work.
Our phone number and e-mails remain the same.
A HUGE Thank you to ONPA Architects who hosted the CAA’s mailing needs for the first five years and have been a tremendous support to our growing organization. It has been a great pleasure!
Also thanks to Marshall Tittemore Architects who served as our southern office “location” on business cards and letterhead, giving us a wider provincial presence.
And thank you to ACI Architects Inc who now receive our post and courier mail on a regular basis.
Thank you everyone!