Alberta Infrastructure Debriefing Guidelines


In an effort to establish best practices within their department, Alberta Infrastructure has been working with the CAA and other industry stakeholders to develop robust debriefing guidelines for implementation of their RFQ and RFP feedback sessions.   The first iteration of these guidelines is now being implemented. You may access a COPY OF THE GUIDELINES here.

The guidelines include the following:

  • Timeframes for a debriefing
  • Purpose of debriefing
  • Who may be in attendance
  • What type of information will and will not be divulged
  • Concern identification process

Several months back, the CAA provided extensive input to this process. One of the elements that we were keen to see included was the sharing of specific scores so that respondents are better able to identify their areas for improvement and thus be more competitive in the future.


Although this early version of the debriefing guidelines does not include sharing of detailed scores, Alberta Infrastructure has made it clear that it is their intention to re-vamp their scoring system as they go-forward. Once they develop structured definitions for specific scores, the scoring criteria can be presented along with the project details. If successfully implemented, this could ultimately lead to actual scores being disclosed, but at this time there is no specific plan for this.


The debriefing guidelines are meant to be a living document with modifications made as best practices develop.  Alberta Infrastructure has indicated that they view this process as a mutual learning opportunity. Through the new process they will be asking the respondents if they have found anything in the process to be unfair or onerous.


The CAA applauds the efforts being made by Alberta Infrastructure for continuous improvement in their procurement processes. We especially appreciate the opportunity to bring the architects voice into consideration, and look forward to ongoing dialogue on this and many other issues.


If any of our member firms have comments / observations / opinions on the new Debriefing Guidelines, we encourage you to share these with us so that we can continue to represent your views in our ongoing consultation.


Click here to access the guidelines.